Met machines meer mens

Prof. Dr. C.M. Jonker

I have the best job in the world: research topics that interest me and teach interested people. I enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams and creating synergy between humans and technology by understanding, shaping and using fundamentals of intelligence and interaction. I am inspired by social intelligence theories, natural forms of intelligence and use concepts such as social practice to improve the interactive intelligence of agents.

Delft University of Technology has been my work base since 2006. It is a great university that breaths technology and provides me with fantastic colleagues. I love working at TUDelft and especially with the group Interactive Intelligence .

Universiteit Leiden has employed me as a part-time professor since 2017 at the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science LIACS . It is a great university that is fond of technology but is also famous for its other scientific disciplines.


Supporting human decision making with artificial intelligence forms the bulk of my research. Working with colleagues brings the daily joy that I need, mentoring and coaching next generations of researchers and teachers is a consistent driver. My fundamental research is inspired by challenges in our society, and strive for seeing my work having a societal impact.

Women in Science

Women form 50% of our population, but not in science, and not overall positions in academia. We need to change the academic culture to achieve a fair representation of women and all groups in our society in science overall positions. It would improve science, it would improve society, and it would be fair. It would improve science, it would improve society, and it wo

Societal contributions

Technology affects our society, its values, the way we think. Thus part of my research is spent on improving our understanding of this affect. I also see it as part of my job to raise this awareness in others.