Ambition and Vision

My overall ambition is to create hybrid intelligence (HI), that is the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it. HI takes human expertise and intentionality into account when making meaningful decisions and perform appropriate actions, together with ethical, legal and societal values. It allows humans and machines to embark on co-activities that neither could do well by themselves.
My vision is that by aiming for hybrid intelligence we will enter into a form of co-evolution between between humans and artificial intelligence that empowers humans while making a sustainable and respectful use of our planet. For me respectful includes supporting the bio-diversity of our planet, and respecting the ways and space that the beings on our planet need to live their lives according to their nature.

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The science of artificial intelligence is to develop the capacity for abstraction, learning, logic, understanding, reasoning, planning, critical thinking, and problem solving, but also for creativity, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and self-awareness.

My long term research interests are grouped into research lines that characterize my research efforts over the past, current and future years. In each of these I research fundamental challenges, for which I develop Artificial Intelligence techniques and develop applications to evaluate the validity of my fundamental findings. The research is carried out in research projects that are related to those research lines and is inspired by and sometimes evaluated in some fields of application.

The co-activity of a human and an artificial intelligent agent moving over a rail track where balance is more easily maintained by holding hands. This idea idea is like a horse and rider. The horse will avoid obstacles autonomously, but horse and rider together jump higher fences than the horse by itself.