Current Ph.D. students

  1. Sietze Kuilman – June 2021 with Luciano Siebert
  2. Pei-Yu Chen –  started January 2021 with Dirk Heylen en Myrthe Tielman. Hybrid Intelligence (NWO)
  3. Jonne Maas – started november 2020 at TUD TPM  with Juan Duran and Jeroen van den Hoven. HumanE AI project
  4. Carolina Jorge – started October 2020 with Catha Oertel. DAI LAB
  5. Floor Kist September 2020, externally financed, with Hans de Bruijn.
  6. Bram Renting – started July 2020 at Leiden University with Holger Hoos. Research in automated machine learning methods for learning in human-centered AI applications
  7. Michiel van der Meer -  started July 2020 at Leiden University with with Piek Vossen, Aske Plaat and Pradeep Murukannaiah.
  8. Siddharth Mehrotra – started April 2020 with Myrthe Tielman (3) Siddharth Mehrotra | LinkedIn
  9. Maria Tsfasman – started September 2020 with Catha Oertel. Exploring the field of long-term memory in conversational agents
  10. Michiel van der Meer -  started July 2020 at Leiden University with with Piek Vossen, Aske Plaat and Pradeep Murukannaiah.
  11. Enrico Liscio, started March 2020 with Pradeep Murukannaiah. Personal values estimation in value-sensitive deliberation 
  12. Sandy Manolios – started October 2018 with Cynthia. Computer Science studying music recommender systems
  13. Anouk Nijs, started Sept 2018, NWO Perspectief Programma Citius, Altius, Sanius. Promotion at the VU Amsterdam, co-supervised by Dr. Melvyn Roerdink and Prof. dr. Peter Beek (VU).
  14. Nanja Smets (guest) works on the MECA project, supervision together with Prof. Dr. Mark Neerincx. Her project is related to the Shared Mental Models project.
  15. Vincent Koeman. working on self-explaining software agents. Started November 2014. Co-supervised by Dr. Koen Hindriks. Promotion date: June 18, 2019.
  16. Ilir Kola. Computational reasoning tools as part of the CoreSAEP project. Started December 2017. Co-supervised by Birna van Riemsdijk.
  17. Jasper van der Waa – started September 2017 co-supervised by Prof. dr. Mark Neerincx and Dr. Jurriaan van Diggelen. How AI can generate explanations that are meaningful for professionals and the overall task
  18. Thomas Moerland. Affective Computing and Reinforcement Learning. Started November 2015. Promotion date: March 10, 2021. Co-supervised by Joost Broekens.
  19. Rijk Mercuur. Rijk is working on social practices and nervousnet. Intelligent agents should understand social practices to work together (and with humans) through Nervousnet in an effective and socially acceptable way. Rijk’s daily supervisor is Virginia Dignum. Promotion date: May 26, 2021.
  20. Xueling Li is working on Objects with Intent. The supervisory team consists of Marco Rozendaal (daily supervisor), Kaspar Jansen, and myself.


List of students who succesfully defended their thesis